The artwork collection is both an ultimate rethinking of previous outputs and a reconstruction (or the genesis) of creativity en masse.
I have chosen conceivably one of the most demanding domains of visual art - animation or audiovisual performance.

The conclusive intricacy and transience of the work represent the half a year of painstaking work and consequential rethinking of personal perception of art.

"Sense" is an interpretation of the contemporary societal enclosures in a form of an animated triptych - whether it is the fear of commitment to the crowd, the public pressure or the condemnation of society. Each work is an audio-visual manifestation of one of the "senses".
Besides being an important project and crucial experience for self development, it is a unique collaboration with extraordinary talented musician/sound designer - Etrigan. It was principal for me to understand his vision behind sound design and capturing his ideas.
Etrigan - « On the first sight it might seem as 3 different pieces, barely connected one to each other, however with a closer look it reveals a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions. Personally this project was a discovery for me, creating something aesthetically pleasing, yet so meaningful. Prior to this project question of transmitting feelings into audio compositions was always open, this symbiosis of creative power let me master ability to make my sound compositions alive.»
"Fear" comes foremost in the triptych "sense", not accidentally.
My personal experience of the pervasive malaise that has ravaged society is the fear of condemnation, the dread of being misinterpreted, of being different.
The animation originates from the supporting audio, affecting the subsequent outcome more than in further animations.

Composing the musical arrangement was as paramount, as was parsing the sentiment of fear and translating the feeling into the music and video forms.

The character, skin and camera motion are fully synchronized with the musical arrangement.
Producing realistic skin animation was the most time-demanding task, as the concept of ​procedural generation of goosebumps on the skin in sync with the music had to be implemented.
The work "Open Pressure" reveals the idea of ​​public intimidation, that constantly rips one's soul apart.
Never before have I sensed such social pressure as an immigrant in Spain when trying to arrange my life.
Unwittingly choosing myself as the main character, I have fully scanned my upper body, though making minor changes along the way to depersonalize and enable future production.
After creating 20 static images expressing agony, fear, depression, anxiety...I initiated assembling an AI-based frame interpolation for the subsequent animation.
The 9000 frames developed by the AI ​​were loaded into a still image video maker using procedural generation from the first animation.
Unlike “Fear”, the music was created after the animation itself, allowing the visuals to lead.
"Scope" - the final part of the triptych is a reflection of the central concept, reminiscing the ideal framework of existence. Following the notion of ​​absolute freedom enclosed in a cage, dance comes as a representation of movement and liberty.
A motion capture scan of an unknown Parisian dancer was recorded using a motion recording suit.
The dance is accompanied by a flash of "awareness" of these "boundaries" and the inexorable inevitability of being. After all, existing beyond the above mentioned limitations one becomes a hostage to the social condemnation and pressure.
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