She looked at me in dark to be
But what extent did I believe in my delirium?
It was my own four & melancholy.
Mankind had to break it for her loss.
We came and left this Mormon swimming,
Encaged she was in poetry of mind
A dancing daylight as standing scope.
Creation Process
"Scope" - the final part of the triptych is a reflection of the central concept, reminiscing the ideal framework of existence. Following the notion of ‚Äč‚Äčabsolute freedom enclosed in a cage, dance comes as a representation of movement and liberty.
A motion capture scan of an unknown Parisian dancer was recorded using a motion recording suit.
The dance is accompanied by a flash of "awareness" of these "boundaries" and the inexorable inevitability of being. After all, existing beyond the above mentioned limitations one becomes a hostage to the social condemnation and pressure.
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