My name is Arseniy, Arseniy Valter or post_it_screw_it in digital space. 
I am a fourth year architecture student living in Spain, born in Russia. 

I’m in love with visualisation of my dreams/ideas most often it comes in the form of 3d/digital art. 
As well as listening and creating music/sounds for my pieces.
Artistic atmosphere has always been around me since I was born, my mother is a painter, father is a movie director/theatre actor and a big music lover. 
Since childhood I was taught the matter of art's presence in our life, art appreciation and ways of understanding it.
From an early age I was sculpting with clay and “learning” how to paint in art school, though I felt like it wasn’t enough, I wasn’t able to fully control and fulfil ideas I had in mind. 

Everything changed with 3D and the first introduction to cinematography coming in my life.
Slowly building my confidence towards directing and creating audiovisual artworks I had a journey of tries and errors.
Searching my path through a variety of different, yet uniting and opening my mind.
Studying fashion design - (for a very short period of time) to understand the materialist side of world, 
understand the influence of outer us, our cover, and it’s perception by surrounding people.
Acting - as a way of getting closer to cinematography.
Professional cooking - opening my pedantry and perfectionism in the work process.
3D - as a way of building, yet unforeseen worlds and recreating my vision from scratch on digital canvas.
Architecture - hard way of teaching me how to be passionate about a project, how to become plodding towards your idea.
Poetry - seeing the world of free text as a form of art, beauty of language and its use.
And finally directing - absolute form of art in my opinion, art piece limited only by the directors constraints.
Creating worlds filled with directors' knowledge, memories, metaphors and perception of life.

Today art and my creation process is not only my therapy, my way of understanding the surrounding world through the prism of philosophy and my perception, but a way to speak from my heart about conflicting things that bother me.
Things that are too scary to speak about publicly and too fragile not to speak about at all.
My creation basis consists of morphing my  feelings with life stories, using a variety of mediums which better suit that particular story to express it.
My dream…my goal…with art is to open viewers' minds as once mine once when first introduced to the world of cinematography for the first time.
My dream is to evoke real feelings, no matter if it's aesthetic ecstasy, or a disgust from what was seen.
My goal is to make people feel alive, feel the diversity of life.

About NFT's

I couldn’t even imagine that at some point cryptocurrency would stand side by side with art, as it’s absolutely mind blowing. 
I feel like I’ve got into crypto by the factor that make a lot of people confused about it - complete unknownness of what it is. 
I’m always fascinated by the things I don’t know, it makes me motivated to know as much as possible about that niche.
Slowly but steadily with the help of iconic people I was surrounded by, I minted my first work and started growing community of like-minded people.
Now most of my works are available for purchase via variety of NFT platforms.

Thank you !
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