open pressure

Stunning feeling of déjà vu.

Live life anew.
Not to be, but to seem.
Live someone else's life.
Plausibility disappears at the same time as friends.
An endless number of masks that we all try on.
God, I'm so tired of waking up with the same obsession.
It comes to me every day, no matter of time or weather.

I went in search of myself, but I could not find my way back.
Creation Process
The work "Open Pressure" reveals the idea of ​​public intimidation, that constantly rips one's soul apart.
Never before have I sensed such social pressure as an immigrant in Spain when trying to arrange my life.
Unwittingly choosing myself as the main character, I have fully scanned my upper body, though making minor changes along the way to depersonalize and enable future production.
After creating 20 static images expressing agony, fear, depression, anxiety...I initiated assembling an AI-based frame interpolation for the subsequent animation.
The 9000 frames developed by the AI ​​were loaded into a still image video maker using procedural generation from the first animation.
Unlike “Fear”, the music was created after the animation itself, allowing the visuals to lead.

Representing emotions digitally, creating something that defines us as humans from scratch is a unique and complex process.  It includes research of human anatomy as well as hours of observations for deep analysis.

Next step was defining the form/adding details to the piece that will further lead the project. Ai footage interpolation was used as an idea for the animation roleplay model, to create a feeling of characters ‘agony’ ‘pressure.’

Sound design/polishing part stage took practically the most time, being perfectionist in outcomes I couldn't stand awful sound design or missing the spot color correction.

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