Biochemical response, forcing you to shatter into the unknownness.

No smell, no sounds, I feel like I am lost in the abyss and it’s closing in.
Inside there is silence and I am one with my body. I feel it sway.
Thick straps wrap around my neck.
Feeling the rage, the pleasure, the love.

I am quietly slipping into the water’s depths, towards fear.
Creation Process
"Fear" comes foremost in the triptych "sense", not accidentally.
My personal experience of the pervasive malaise that has ravaged society is the fear of condemnation, the dread of being misinterpreted, of being different.
The animation originates from the supporting audio, affecting the subsequent outcome more than in further animations.

Composing the musical arrangement was as paramount, as was parsing the sentiment of fear and translating the feeling into the music and video forms.

The character, skin and camera motion are fully synchronized with the musical arrangement.
Producing realistic skin animation was the most time-demanding task, as the concept of ​procedural generation of goosebumps on the skin in sync with the music had to be implemented.
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