star element

I am myself and I am here
To pour my soul. In a moved hand,
Starless his smile in vision clear,
Swift he passed through the darkening land.
Opening piece of the “fragments” collection - a mesmerizing moment of this summer and probably this year - my trip to Tel Aviv and reunion with my father, after months of silence.
We had a very personal and brief meeting  on the beach, almost an hour or so, before his flight back to Moscow, both realizing it might be the only opportunity we have to talk in person and see each other for the the next years…
Unforgettable talk about past & future life, philosophical monologue on the recent events and circumstances that have split up us months ago.
Leaving me bursting in tears, realizing the sour feeling of an end of the everlasting moment we had.
I can and would go further in detail why this piece looks like this and not other way, but I want to leave you the beauty of the moment    we had and let you discover and decide what this piece means to you.
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