fragment series appeared all of a sudden, with the smell of blooming flowers and warm salty air tickling my face.
Summertime is a unique and incredibly breathtaking period of time for me.
Sort of a small universe filled with a feeling of upcoming adventures and lulling sensation of home, where someone is always waiting for you.     
This summer is different,
life feels different
World feels different.
I went on a search for myself, traveling around the world in attempts to recreate those feelings of home and safe place, while touching some of the questions of my existence: reflecting on childhood, human relationships, past & future.
“fragments” collection formed as a combination of the summer colorful glory, moments I captured on camera, and thoughts in a form of the fictional child character, bringing the innocence to the color palette and composition in contrast to my latest pieces with their screaming visual seriousness and brutalism.
star element

star element

I am myself and I am here
To pour my soul. In a moved hand,
Starless his smile in vision clear,
Swift he passed through the darkening land.
silence binds

silence binds

empowered we are with words
how dare am I to keep the silence
when truth is not the essence
when land is spitting innards
when world is breathing out of cadence;
we are the birds who witness burning homewards
dark height of truth

dark height of truth

Something is beginning in order to end
Reflecting figure of noble light,
I have found no pleasure than the friend,
Suspending my eye with flames of sunlight.

feels different

feels different

It's sweet, so sweet, so slow
Broke some barrier course to my heart;
Sneaking soft and low, like a heavy flow,
Perhaps the strife might sometimes depart.


Where shall I keep my dare ?
To the grim power, as the night wind
Keep that little prattle of thy air,
Like the clouds that mist the mountains with song.
hearts and minds
I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world
To join the long long music of birds,
Even as the steel my touch lay hurled;
There was no answer in this shy word.
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