I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world
To join the long long music of birds,
Even as the steel my touch lay hurled;
There was no answer in this shy word.
Wrapping up ‘fragments’ collection I want to thank everyone for the endless support…
Releasing this collection was an incredible, so personal and breathtaking experience.
I usually tend to show a lot of process and thoughts behind my pieces, but this time it was a completely new level, I wanted to share my inner feelings and fragments of my life in this series.
I know that in our space artist tend to stick to their style and I’m in love with my new workflow/stylization.
Can’t be sure it will stay, as I know and feel there is always room for improvement, discovery and experimentation.
And with some certain circumstances in my life and mental health I will have to take a small break, however I can definitely be sure it’s only the beginning of a new, great and astonishing story.
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