In partnership with Spotify and a group of talents, we launched a dynamic video campaign for 
Kylie Minogue's 2023 Spotify Wrapped exclusive. 

Our goal was to immerse viewers in an unparalleled visual and auditory experience, reflecting the emotive spectrum of Kylie's latest Single ‘Padam Padam’ through a naked-eye 3D effect

We combined Abstract soothing background animation with satisfying heart simulations in various themes to craft otherworldly visuals that harmonized with the Single theme & Color palette. 

From conceptualization to final execution, we interlaced Kylie's performance with digital artistry, 
creating a narrative journey that echoed her musical evolution. 

The campaign was amplified across the 2023 Spotify Wrapped Moxi Billboard in Los Angeles
This project not only celebrated Kylie Minogue's pop legacy but also redefined digital storytelling.
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