Pompeian red collection is an exploration, ajar entry to the  magical world of colors and color combinations.
The concept of "combining colors" was not generally recognized at the time 1930s,
samplers of color combinations containing specific color combination patterns were highly unusual.
Haishoku Soukan was the precursor of such samplers & main inspiration during research and pieces creation.

These three pieces focus specifically on red color, Pompeian red as a compulsory color and 2 tertiary colors, creating together unique a composition.
Each piece reveals the Pompeian red in its own glory with the help of light/shadow , gradients of the tertiary colors, overflowing one into another, reflecting movement of the figure, yet keeping distinctive color palette.

Besides exploration & research purposes this collection serves as a foundation of unique palette creation that will appear after discovering 2 more shades of the primary colors.


all is drowned in poetic impression, coloring your life;


a crowd of small metamorphoses accumulate, breaking his rich and solid soul;


the plausible, the form, the essence
disappears at the same time as the friends

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