“Form of light” collection is a unique research of light energy  as the only visible form of energy mixed with affect it brings on picturing life for an individual.

Things  change appearance based on the way they are lighted, they are watched by the viewer. My interpretation of light as a type of movement, architecture, life & form.
Besides our every day interaction with it, there is strong response to light in art starting with Renaissance and Baroque, periods driven by the notion of ‘humanism’.
Ending with architecture, bring an emotional value to it, whether it’s daylight or or artificial lighting , it helps create an experience to those who occupy the space.

These three works is my attempt to capture light in movement, playing with volumetric dimensions  and slightly opening  the veil of secrecy of color majesty with the help of light.


Abandoning selves for existence
disorder day to day drift
falling no resistant phase


Confusing disenchantment with truth
confusing existence with frequency
The nakedness of time in a form of frequency


no reality exception in action
intensity of the desired brightness

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