equilibrium is not just a collection, but a landmark of our technological era. In present days, when a profile picture or personal web page may tell more about a person than himself, Ive tried to capture it with the help of my imagination, elevating that idea to the absolute. 
10 pieces represent different personas, with their unique styles, colors, lives, but most importantly their inner self with only 1 QR code.       Instead of using sentences and words I created musical compositions to tell each story in its own and very unique way.                                       All the musical compositions will be given away to 10 holders after the mint.                                       
As well as 10 unique personas, this collection includes one work that represents an essence of all the major blockchain transactions on the biggest nft marketplaces locked in the form of a figure, named 'clandestine'
Tomorrow, that is to say, simply, a new today
The passions of the heart have flown away.
She seemed to dream her very life away,
They explain the new by the old
Light for the murmur of that human stream,
Carved with an awful soul with light and gold,
New world into a known and withered dream!
my place is nowhere
Wrapping its fog about a perfumed flood:
This day before the city of my pair
To breathe those splendor of the moon above.
A glimpse of what I’d love to be someday.
A way to make a difference in someone's life.
A way to speak about others, not yourself.
Lost in the sea at sunrise to himself.
I was nowhere, I was floating
Filled with a lonely murmur of hard youth
Shone with a golden silence on my name:
The cup of life to the spirit of truth.
I have crossed seas, left cities behind me
To truth the free gleam of a young vision
To call for time the world to my fancy?
To find a world of anguish and of fate.
... and suddenly, there it is a fine climax:
it shakes me from top to bottom.
The blackness of my soul. No swelling
Set on its roof a kindling ray;
Our lives upon the great quick dwelling.
God, how strongly things exist today
Carved with a magic silence and old youth,
O, past the color of a golden play,
Their splendor at the own dark height of Truth.
I stop suddenly: there is a flaw...
Transmuted and effaced with many eyes,
I heard an angel chime without a ta,
To say another one was always wiser.
time laid bare, coming slowly into existence
Before thy glory swelled its maiden eye,
Look on the world with sorrow on the past,
The night wind blew upon the cloud reply.
Something I didn’t know any more: a sort of joy.
Transmute us to the truth of human greed,
Along a fiery way, a poor toy
But you shall say my vision suits the deed.
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